Fancyful Spa Packages

Bring home the perfect souvenir after your magical day at the Princess Ball: Choose between three beautifully- crafted Princess Ball Spa Packages- 1) "Snow Queen," 2) "Island Princess," or 3) "Sleeping Beauty." Each will include 5 handmade, all-natural, child-friendly beauty products made by the trusted local business "Sweet & Savage Soap Co." Your little one will be dazzled and delighted to have her favorite princess's Bath Bar, Bath Fizzy, Eye Shadow, Lip Balm, and Nail Polish so she can feel pampered like a true princess every day!

Snow Queen Ice Magic Package.jpg

"Snow queen"- $30

Feel the crisp air of the North Mountain with this icy and luxurious blend. Includes all-natural, peppermint-scented soap, topped with glittering ice cubes, bath fizzy, blue nail polish and eye shadow, and peppermint-flavored lip balm. 

Island Princes low res.jpg

"Island princess"-$30

Refreshing notes of coconut whisk you away to sandy shores and warm sunsets. Includes all-natural, coconut-scented soap, topped with glittering seashells, bath fizzy, red nail polish and eyeshadow, and coconut-flavored lip balm.


"sleeping Beauty"-$30

Rose-scented soap encourages sweet dreams at bath time. Includes all-natural rose pearl soap topped with glittering roses, bath fizzy, pink nail polish and eyeshadow, and birthday cake-flavored lip balm.