Meet Jessica

"Growing up, my parents gave all five of us an amazing gift. Each year, my mother would throw elaborate, themed birthday parties. One year, she made a Grandmother Willow Tree out of chicken wire, paint, and her special-artistic-beautifying-super-power for a Pocahontas party (one of us actually painted our face brown, got inside, and peeked out of a hole in the tree to talk to the children at the party...but I won't mention who it was!). Another year, she turned our entire house into Never Land, with each room as different parts of the island (Mermaid's Lagoon, the Indian Encampment, and Pirate Ship). 

My dad was really the entertainment, doing whatever was needed from dressing up as the Beast to rallying the children for games and singing songs. The best part was that we all got to help create the magic for our siblings when it was their birthday. We loved seeing the joy on their faces when it was their special day just as much as when it was ours! That was the true gift our parents gave us.

Following those lovely years of childhood, I continued to nourish my love of dressing up, singing, and acting by performing in many musicals in high school and college. Some of my favorite roles included Dolly in "Hello Dolly," Reno Sweeny in "Anything Goes," and Kathy Seldon in "Singin' in the Rain." I graduated from Abilene Christian University with a double major; a BFA in Musical Theater and a BSN in Nursing in hopes of one day doing Drama Therapy for children. I worked as a NICU nurse for five years, while getting married and having two children of my own along the way, before starting Fancyful Fairytale Parties-- a dream of my heart that came true!

I have never forgotten how much joy I felt when I used my imagination and created something beautiful for someone else. That was the birthplace of Fancyful Fairytale Parties."


- A note from Jessica, the creator of Fancyful, LLC.