We transform the magic of pretend into the beauty of reality.
— Heather Drennan, Owner
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What We Do

Fancyful specializes in high-quality, highly-imaginative character entertainment in the Central Arkansas area. We delight in bringing you polished, professional performers in the most elaborate costumes available to allow your little one to truly meet the character he or she has been so desperately longing to see. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and nurture the human child's spirit

One child, one family, one party at a time.

Using every interaction to form lasting relationships, 

Encouraging beauty from within,

We strive to impact the lives of every person we meet.

We transform the magic of pretend into the beauty of reality.


Meet the Owner

For as long as I can remember, princesses have been an integral part of my life. Growing up I was in awe of them, as a teen I wanted to be like them, and now as an adult I want to bless others through them. I have always had a passion for transforming make believe into reality, as well as a passion to protect the innocence of children. I avidly pursued a deeper knowledge of the performance arts throughout my high school and college career, with the hopes of one day becoming a children’s theatre performer once I obtained my degree in Musical Theatre in 2013. God granted my wish and did more with my life than I could have ever imagined through Fancyful, and I could not fathom a more noble or more beautiful purpose in my life than to bring joy to children through these characters. My hope for you is to not just see magic before your eyes, but to truly experience it as purely as a child does. God has filled this world with beautiful, truly magical things, and myself and my staff strive to put that magic right in the palm of your hand. Let us bring our world to yours where mermaids are real, dreams do come true, and pixie dust really does grant wishes.
— Heather Drennan, Owner

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